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5 Highly recommended billing tools for web-hosting today

Congratulations on your new online business venture!! I bet you are now looking for the best tools to use to ensure great quality as well as handle bill management for your clients. I know you have set up your goals and you are looking for the most hassle-free billing panel integration for your site. I have done just that and decided to take your mind away from a headache by finding 5 of the most efficient billing platforms to help manage your businesses online.

The following are both commercial and open source billing systems: –

  1. WHMCS
  2. HostBill app
  3. Ubersmith
  4. Blesta
  5. ClientExec

I bet you that these are the hot 2017 billing web hosting tools; below l will go ahead and show you what your return on investment will be.

WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution)

This is the most commonly used and most raved about platform credited to its flexibility, compatible application (3rd party mostly) integrations, and extendibility. WHMCS recently changed it’s all time pricing fee of 15.95$ ( No limitations ) to 18.95$ ( up to 250 clients ).

What can it do? 

It’s billing options to include credit card processing, handling any recurring bills, tax support, invoice generating capabilities. Again, it has over 10 language translations available, ability to print reports in different formats- extensive reports. Very well integrated with most of the common hosting technologies including cPanel, Virtualizor, SolusVM and a bunch of payment gateways such as PayPal, 2Checkout, Skrill and Authorize.net just to name a few.

My take:

WHMCS is the current market leader for hosts, domain registrars, and other similar industry business entities.

HostBill App

HostBill, when compared to the other billing platforms, is known for its great design to support large institutions and hosting business enterprises manage all matters billing. These include cloud service providers, hosting service providers among others. Hostbill is fairly cheaper on the long run since the license fees is a one time fee starting at 999$. With no limitations in regards to a number of users/orders.

What can it do?

HostBill is best known for its updating- the easiest there is. Its core role is to ensure that all the billing services are automated.

My take:

HostBill is a powerful billing system however, I personally feel it be superior in terms of WHMCS IF you plan to provide Cloud Services ( Cloud VPS etc ) or Sell Dedicated Servers. For the price tag, it isn’t worth just selling shared hosting services.


Ubersmith is a well-known billing application great for online enterprises with the need for online support (ticketing) and infrastructure management. It can support 3rd party integrations, supports SSL providers, is a great support to merchant providers and can handle electronic payments. Ubersmith license starts at 200$ per month for 50 devices and clients. It is the costliest billing system in comparison to all the ones mentioned in this post.

What can it do?

It has some amazing features like the ability to manage all your hardware/infrastructure including your IP blocks as well as your routers present in the datacenter. Built in integration for KVM/ILO and MTRG graph generations.

My take:

I totally love Ubersmith for its seamless API and customizations features. Used by the most elite web hosting companies mainly because of its scalability, good performance and the ability the customize it inside out.


Blesta is also a fairly popular Billing system for web hosting companies in mind. They start at 12.95$ Monthly or 250$ Owned One-time License Fee.

My take:

Blesta has no support for neither colocation services nor dedicated servers but the best thing is the developers are always listening (great!).It is a simple billing platform which can help you grow your hosting business. Integrates well with cPanel and has a bunch of popular payment gateways.


Clientexec is the most accommodating management platform for hosting providers. Comes with a clean UI and easy to use administrative end. Nothing new compared to Blesta. They start at 12.00$ Monthly or 499$ Owned One-time License Fee.

What can it do?

It has live-chat, and revenue growth features as well as the ability to integrate 3rd party applications. Its API enables third party applications to streamline everything smoothly for you especially handling plugins like ISP managers and web panels like cPanel.

My Take:

It is a personal choice, to be honest. Blesta and Clientexec are pretty much the same.

Feel free to choose from any of these 5 amazing and responsive billing platforms for your web hosting needs. If you plan to only sell shared hosting or VPS services I would highly suggest sticking with WHMCS. I have been working with WHMCS, HostBill, and Ubersmith for a couple of years now. Both as a developer and as a consumer for each product. Based on my experience WHMCS is the most user-friendly and easy to use billing system without losing major functionality. In the long run, however, I would choose Ubersmith mainly because of it isn’t just a simple billing system when compared to WHMCS or HostBill, Ubersmith is a mammoth for IT related infrastructure management and billing with an option to provide support as well. Web Hosting is just a small functionality that Ubersmith incorporates.

HostBill, on the other hand, is a more locked up solution. You need to spend forever feature it can provide. I never liked their pricing model, however, in the long run, it is certainly the cheapest of them all. HostBill has an extremely good user-friendly frontend can’t say the same for their administrative end.  So you have 3 options based on your requirements, affordability, and technical understanding.

You can always contact me for consultation related to your company. I have a combined experience of around 6 years in the Web Hosting market.

Best top dedicated hosting providers in 2017


Millions of people go online every day in search of goods and services. As such, it is important for a business to have some online presence. This can be accomplished with a business website indicating their services, products, location and other business details. In this way, online shoppers can know about the business and shop there. To ensure a smooth experience on the website, it is best to have some dedicated hosting for it. Also referred to as a dedicated server, this is where you don’t share the website hosting server with any other organization. As a result, you have complete control over aspects such as the hardware and the operating system on the server resulting in a smoother, more efficient website. Read this best dedicated servers review to discover some of the top 5 servers providers today.

HostGator Web Hosting

HostGator is a web hosting provider that is easy to use. It offers a collection of great plans for small businesses and consumers too. These dedicated server plans are full of useful features. In addition to that, this provider gives you site-building software that is very user-friendly. Their dedicated servers have superb uptime and the company gives you great customer service. Their dedicated server characteristics include:

  • Maximum RAM of 16GB and storage is 1TB
  • Both Linux and Windows servers available
  • Customer service is provided all day every day

HostGator does not provide unlimited monthly data transfer in their 1gbps dedicated servers. Also, they don’t provide Windows-based VPS hosting. Moreover, you cannot perform WordPress imports in one step while their e-mail service is not as secure as required. Their base plan starts at $69 per year. If you are a beginner webmaster, HostGator is an ideal dedicated server provider.

In-Motion Hosting

This is a dedicated web hosting service that is full of useful features. It has reliable 24/7 uptime. Moreover, all the dedicated hosting plans offered by this provider have unlimited email capacity. In-Motion Hosting offers you a money-back guarantee that is lengthy but effective. Ideal for both beginner and professional webmasters, In-Motion Hosting offers you an easy to use online-based website builder.

Their dedicated servers characteristics include:

  • Maximum RAM of 64GB and storage of 1.2TB
  • Only Linux servers available for you
  • All plans receive customer service 24/7

Sadly, In-Motion Hosting does not provide any Windows servers. Moreover, whenever you include any add-ons in your site administrator dashboard, you have to create separate log-ins for each one. Their base plan begins at $99.99 per year. Despite these shortcomings, In-Motion Hosting is good for both novice and professional webmasters.

DreamHost Web Hosting

This is one of the outstanding web hosting providers available online today. Their plans have robust features and are affordable. However, DreamHost Web Hosting is not for beginners. The feature set and method of use are geared towards experienced web administrators.

To keep your website resources safe, DreamHost Web Hosting provides you with many security settings for their 1gbps dedicated servers. Moreover, there are tools that help you to manage your domains extensively. This dedicated server host also provides exceptional VPS services. To ensure smoother operation, you get to enjoy unlimited data transfer every month. There are also some Cloud storage plans for your website. If you use DreamHost web hosting and feel it unsatisfying, there is a very generous money-back guarantee.

Their dedicated server characteristics include:

  • Maximum RAM of 16GB and storage of 1TB
  • Unlimited monthly data transfer
  • Hosting is done on dedicated Linux servers
  • Customer service 24/7

Unfortunately, this dedicated hosting provider does not have an online site builder. Moreover, there are no Windows servers for you. Their basic hosting plan costs $169.00 per year. While full of useful and efficient features, the DreamHost Web Hosting is ideal for experienced webmasters and not beginners.

1&1 Web Hosting

One of the most affordable yet highly capable web hosting providers today is 1&1 Web Hosting. This service provides you with useful and capable website-creation tools. Moreover, they have 24/7 uptime and solid support for webmasters too. If you want to host a WordPress website, 1&1 Web Hosting is the ideal provider to use. There are both basic and advanced web hosting packages available for you.

Their dedicated servers characteristics include:

  • Maximum RAM of 128GB and storage of 6TB
  • Unlimited monthly data transfers
  • Both Linux and Windows servers available
  • Customer support all day every day

To ensure easy customer experience, they have a website builder that is easy to learn and utilize. 1&1 Web Hosting does not demand any setup fees for you. Despite the extensive capability of this dedicated web hosting provider, you have to pay for the Website Builder Plus tier so as to add custom code to their website templates. Moreover, their money-back guarantee period is too short when compared to that of competitor providers. The basic plan from this web hosting provider costs only $34.99 per year. Flexible in nature, this web hosting provider gives you access to capable and affordable web hosting 1gbps dedicated servers.

ServerBundle dedicated hosting

This is one of the top 5 servers providers today. Being highly experienced in IaaS services, ServerBundle has professional expertise and resources. They provide Linux servers in countries such as the USA, Netherlands, France, and Germany. This provides you with extra hosting freedom.

Their dedicated server characteristics include:

  • Protection from DDOS attacks
  • Encrypted email
  • Storage is available from 20TB to 360TB
  • Cloud hosting for your business data and any web applications
  • Flexible dedicated hosting
  • 24/7 customer service support

The dedicated 1gbps dedicated servers from this provider do not have any third party infringement. As a result, your data is protected. Their most affordable dedicated hosting plan begins at $69.41. All the hosting plans from this company come with a dedicated control panel, root access, 24/7 support, premium levels of bandwidth and monitoring 24/7. As such, ServerBundle dedicated hosting is the best option in this best dedicated servers review.


Dedicated servers are the best option if you want to enjoy autonomy, flexibility and the chance to customize your web hosting. The providers indicated in this dedicated servers review can help you to accomplish this in your organization. Out of the top 5 servers providers indicated above, ServerBundle is the most capable provider today.

How to Hire the Best PHP Expert?

What is PHP?

You are probably most familiar with the language of HTML. It is the most commonly used web development coding system that describes how texts, scrolls, paragraphs, images and other objects displayed on a web page. It is not used for programming and is not a programming language. PHP, however, is a scripting language that can create web pages with information that has been written in HTML format. It is, in fact, a programming language and runs on web page’s server. PHP pages also process noticeably faster because they run smoothly in the background of your website. It is also effective for communicating with web databases.

Think of PHP almost as a blender. It can take an enormous amount of code written in HMTL and blend it together in order to make a simple output such as “Hello, My Name is PHP Script.”

Why Use PHP?

PHP and HTML work together in order to create a cohesive website. The benefit of using PHP in combination with HTML is that it can communicate with many different types of databases, which makes it user-friendly across the board. This helps when you are trying to connect your website to others for your business or personal use. It is lightning fast at retrieving information, which can help your website grow and improve. Using PHP development also helps reduce the cost of starting up your website because it is free and generally user-friendly. The benefit of bringing in an expert, however, is so that he or she can navigate through the language for you to yield the best results.

PHP is convenient for clients to receive, as well. The PHP Expert can take all of that information and condense it so that when the client receives it, all they see is the PHP information, rather than all of the HTML coding behind it. It has a wide range of benefits and can be understood and used by even the most beginning of programmers, but still, has the best and most modern tools to be used by the highest professionals in the field. The latter is the kind of person you will be looking for to help your business grow.

What Do You Need To Look For in a PHP Expert?

When you are thinking about hiring a PHP coder, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Your PHP Developer needs to be well versed in custom software development, and have at least 3-5 years of experience building websites. You will also need to see some statistics of how their website development helped the businesses they were working for, for example, statistical increases, improved designed, high generated traffic flow etc…

Since most businesses use some sort of database to keep track of information such as clientele, merchandise inventory and so on, you will need someone who has a good deal of experience generating online database solutions for clients. They should be able to develop search bars, create forums, set up register and login in options for new and existing users, and be able to pull those database results for daily, weekly, monthly or annual analysis.

Your Expert should have a wealth of understanding concerning classes and objects. This will determine how the information you want on your website will show up on your page. If you have ever seen a poorly executed website, often images or graphics do not load correctly, banners are broken and the common user can even see bits of code from the front end rather than the back end. Your expert should be able to not only resolve these issues but be able to develop original software to eliminate the issues and enhance your current web content and coding.

As far as other programs are concerned, your developer should know how to use SQL databases and OPcache to make your website run faster. Mastery of at least one PHP framework such as Zend Framework, Laravel or Cake would also be a plus, as long as it is an MVC framework that uses the most up-to-date PHP.

Lastly, your freelancer needs to have some experience involving web security and risk. They should be able to find loopholes in your code that would make it easier for hackers or other dangerous viruses to enter your website. If such a terrible situation occurs, your website could be wiped, locked, or get taken over by an anonymous user who can do whatever they want with it. They should at least know what the most common vulnerabilities are in terms of web security and how to circumnavigate it.


As you can see, there are many benefits to not only using PHP in order to code your website but hiring a PHP freelancer to ensure that everything is running smoothly, securely and efficiently. There are many different places where you can post jobs to find the right candidate, but remember to be selective and ask for samples of their work. A person may look great on paper, but without the web content materials to back it up, it won’t help your business grow and succeed. You can always hire me for your development requirements 🙂 not to brag but I am an experienced developer myself.

Best 5 Advantages of Custom Software

A few advantages come with having custom software solutions developed for your company or business enterprise that seek to make inroads into better service provision and a fully aware system around which their everyday decisions with data are concerned. With custom software, you can have all features you need to be included into the version and also any tweaks that you’d need to make in order ensure that all your data stays in-house and you are able to act more readily on it.This also means your company will be able to function as originally intended thus doing away with the need for off the shelf features that are at times difficult to use and unless you can acquire a firm grasp on the matter, it becomes a huge hindrance.

Better Personalization of Features to match company’s interest

Being in a position that allows you to explicitly specify exactly what you like included into the software application gets you to greater levels of success much more quickly as compared to having basic services built into your application that will get obsolete within a relatively shorter period thus forcing you into consideration of other alternatives. Itisalsomore elegant when you are able to be more choosy as to what to have in the applications you work with on daily basis which then leads you to make better business decisions.At the end of the venture, you’ll find it increasingly easier to host applications for a variety of application as such as commerce and hospitality medicine and others.

More accurate data

In addition to the increasingly accurate laying out features in the custom application, you can also decide whether to host it on the cloud or in some other offsite datacenter.Dealing with streaming data of more mature nature also means your business must be ready to take on whatever may come its way.You will find it more efficient to have a streamlined process of dealing with business and your data will always work better when it is in a secure form. Customers will also love and appreciate your services when they are able to access them with no fear or worries of their private or confidential details getting stolen or intercepted.

Visible Results

You will find enterprise applications to work better as well as bringing better results to your company’s endeavors.With such applications, your customers will always have an upper hand when it comes to services and they get to become more loyal.This will lead to better growth of your business as well as not derail any other plans which could have been put with the aim of growing business.In a larger view of everything, really, it all counts right to the code running inside your infrastructure to have sustainable and manageable business in the cloud or some other secured infrastructure.

In conclusion, apps that your company works with determining the speed and scale at which you will run.With customized features integrated into your applications, there will be little deniability of expert craftsmanship and code you can reliably work with.Get in touch with us today to get introduced to how the apps can be a boost to business.

Best Dedicated Servers: France Servers

Offering a much higher degree of performance, control, and overall stability than a virtual server or shared hosting platform, a dedicated server is a gold standard in terms of optimum web hosting options. France-based dedicated servers provide users with a stunning degree of versatility, software options, bandwidth, RAM, and more. For those people who are planning to contract the services of a dedicated server platform in France, we have included some of the best options available in this famous European nation.

Dedicated France Servers From ServerBundle

ServerBundle.com is a highly reputable dedicated server provider for the country of France, and they have experience operating in other countries as well. From the USA to Italy, Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia, and the Netherlands, ServerBundle is one of the truly elite service providers for dedicated servers around the world.ServerBundle has nine different pricing and server strength options, meaning that no matter the scale of your operations in France, they can help connect you with the dedicated server access plan that will be perfect for your own requirements.

ServerBundle’s most expensive, premier dedicated server option for France costs $325 per month, with a setup fee of $70. This most expensive dedicated server option from ServerBundle is known as the 1X AMD Opteron 4386 8MB L3 Cache. This is a great option for high-intensity server users, although they also offer an entry level option and several other in between.ServerBundle’s entry level dedicated server option uses the Intel C2750 (AVOTON), and only costs $50 to setup and $50 per month. This represents a much more affordable dedicated server option in France and illustrates that they has options to fit any budget requirements.

Dedicated France Servers From DediMonster

Although DediMonster does not have quite as many different pricing options and dedicated server choices as ServerBundle, DediMonster is still capable of providing high quality dedicated servers for customers in France. DediMonster offers a total of six different dedicated server plans for customers, each offering a different price range and server strength. Their premier, most powerful dedicated server solution runs on an Intel Xeon E3 1230 v2 and costs $240 per month as a customer in France. They also offer a much more affordable dedicated server option on the other end of their pricing spectrum, with their entry level option running on a 1X Via NANO U2250 and charging $30 per month.

Clearly, DediMonster is another great provider of dedicated server options in France, and you will probably be quite satisfied if you choose to do business with them. Additionally, DediMonster is a company that seems to care a lot about their customers, and right now they are offering some major discounts on their professional quality dedicated server options. If you choose to work with DediMonster for your dedicated server needs, you can save up to 10% per month if you sign up now while their current promotion is still ongoing.

Dedicated France Servers From RapidSeedbox

While RapidSeedbox might not have as many server options as ServerBundle or DediMonster, their dedicated server options provide exceptional bandwidth, security, and affordability. Dedicated server options from RapidSeedbox might not be as numerous as other competitive companies, but they make up for it with high quality and more choices. One great example of how RapidSeedbox gives customers in France more options than the average provider, consider that they offer dedicated server plans in both Euros and Dollars and on a monthly or yearly basis. This helps to give their clients more flexibility than they would have working with another service provider and makes for a major strength of the RapidSeedbox service options.

The most powerful dedicated server option coming from RapidSeedbox right now costs $185 per month and runs on a Xeon D-1520 with 2.6 GHz. With unlimited traffic and a total of 500Mbps bandwidth guaranteed at all times, this option from RapidSeedbox is both secure and extremely powerful. Their most inexpensive option is actually still fairly expensive at $133 per month, so this is probably the only real weakness of the RapidSeedbox model in the sense that they don’t really offer a cheap, entry level option. Their cheapest option runs on an Intel i7-6700K and also provides Anti-DDoS security and unlimited traffic too. RapidSeedbox is also offering a significant discount promotion right now, with an amazing 25% off as long as you share all your contact info and email with their website.

Dedicated France Servers From UniHost

If you are looking for a dedicated server in France, UniHost is another great provider with a solid reputation. UniHost has some of the planet’s most famous data centers, and they offer elite Anti-DDoS protections as well as unlimited traffic. UniHost also has an unprecedented range of dedicated server options that truly dwarfs the selection of any other dedicated server provider in France! With over thirty different options for dedicated server plans by UniHost, it is almost impossible that someone would not be able to find a good server match for their purposes when shopping with UniHost. Rapid activation is another strong point of the UniHost model, and they claim that when you contract UniHost France dedicated server access you can have your access activated in less than half a day!

Unlimited bandwidth up to 3Gbps and up to 256 IP for every individual server user makes the UniHost services very attractive for many people. They are also offering some nominal discounts for long terms users of the UniHost dedicated server options, with 2.5% off going to people who order a server from UniHost for 6 months, and 5% off for those who order a server for at least 12 months. The most affordable dedicated server option offered by UniHost is only $89 per month and runs on Xeon D-1520 hardware. On the other side of the pricing spectrum on dedicated servers from UniHost, they have an extremely powerful server option for which they charge a grand total of $899 per month. This package from UniHost uses a 2X Xeon E5-2687Wv4, and offers customers exceptional speed and security.

Why PHP is Widely Used Today for Web Development over Other Languages?

PHP is an open source, general purpose, server side scripting language and widely used by developers in India and worldwide. If you are planning to build a web application in an easy yet efficient language, PHP is the language you should choose. PHP language is user-friendly, Flexible, can be used cross-platform and is Open Source. So, the popularity of this language drags many developers to learn this language and enjoy developing excellent web based applications. Before planning to hire a PHP developer for php web development you should know about the language and the technology. In this article, we’ll discuss it further.

What is PHP language?

PHP consumes server resources to process and sends the output to the client. In the client, JavaScript is used to process the output. The basic difference between other scripting languages with PHP is HTML is embedded inside the scripts along with PHP code.

There are many web development languages these days and PHP is considered to the simplest among them. Basically, PHP is used to develop dynamic websites. So what is the dynamic content in PHP? You can simply make the HTML code work according to the dynamic features. For example: here are two snippets for HTML and PHP –

Simple HTML

<title>Hello World</title>

PHP Code

<title>Hello World</title>
<h1><?php If (date(G) < 12) ? 'Good Morning' : 'Hello World' ?></h1>

In the simple HTML code, you’ll always see Hello at any date and any time of the day. When HTML is embedded with the PHP code, in the morning it will show – What a beautiful Morning and other time it will show – Hello.

So, we can make our code dynamic according to any condition we want.

What are the reasons behind using PHP as a language for web development?

Along with the dynamic feature, let us check out what else PHP offers so that we can use it over other languages:

  • Open Source:

The main benefit of using PHP is this is an Open Source language. You can use it anywhere simply and customize it according to your needs.

  • Easy to Use:

For novice programmers also, PHP is very easy to start with. Like most other languages like JAVA, this language does not need to have complied. This can be embedded in an HTML file and run.

  • Integrated Support for Major Databases –

To get database support from major and widely used database like MySQL, it needs no additional drivers to be installed. PHP has its own inbuilt database support for almost all popular databases.

  • PHP runs on all type of platforms like Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS X etc.
  • This language is compatible with majorly all web servers like Apache, IIS etc.

What are the benefits of choosing PHP as a web development language?

There are various benefits according to most of the PHP developers in India which include –

  • The output of a PHP is the file is not limited to text only or HTML output. PHP program can deliver a different type of file type extensions like PDF. Text, images or any textual data like XML, XHTML or JSON etc.
  • The power of PHP can be seen from the widely used frameworks or CMS platforms that are built in PHP only. For example – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. are the example of very popular CMS application. Frameworks that are built in PHP are CakePHP, Zend etc. which are widely used by most of the PHP developers. Also, famous shopping carts like Zencart, Opencart, Magento etc. are built with PHP language.
  • The well-written PHP framework libraries are fast and drive to an error free development which the PHP developers are fascinated about.

According to some statistics, most of the PHP sites are developed in PHP language itself.

PHP trend

Image Source – Trends.Builtwith 

The competitors of PHP are also very powerful languages like ASP.NET, Ruby On rails, Python Scripting etc. but the main advantage of using PHP is it is very easy to learn, easy to use and no additional platform is to be installed or required to run a PHP script as it can be easily embedded into HTML codes. This is the reason why there are many good resources and developers available in India in PHP technology.


What should you look for when you hire a PHP developer?

Smart applications can be built with PHP and that too very easily and efficiently. So, when you are hiring PHP developers, you should really look for these traits:

  • PHP developers should be able to handle queries related to PHP and MYSQL
  • They should be expert in at least one PHP based framework like ZEND or cake PHP and as well as should have knowledge of the basic PHP programming language.
  • They should know dynamic website development and database management.
  • Easy style of coding and writing of optimized code.
  • PHP developer should be able to understand the business requirements well and should be able to implement them using PHP language.
  • Error free and well-tested code should be the main objective of the PHP developers you hire from India.
  • Should be able to implement database cache.
  • Should use PDO or PHP data objects.
  • PHP developers should know how to implement SSL using modern MSQLi

So, after quite a long discussions we can easily understand why PHP is so popular these days. PHP can generate page content which is dynamic, able to send and receive cookies, can add, delete or modify data in the integrated database, very easily control user access, data encryption is easy in PHP and PHP can be used to open, read or delete any file or extract data from a file. You can now consider PHP as a language for the development of your web application and consider hiring PHP developers who use a powerful language yet simple language to develop a web application.

7 Reasons You Need to Take Your Business Online Right Away!

Developing a business needs both your time and money, but sometimes even a well-funded business venture seems to struggle to hold its ground. True entrepreneurs keep up with the latest techs and tactics to ensure a flourishing venture for their undertaking; developing an active business website is one of such aiding tactics. Are you among those entrepreneurs who believe in doing a business the old-fashioned way? Do you struggle to contemplate the benefit of building a business website?

Here are some reasons, why you should seriously consider building a small business website for your company:

  1. It is 2017: in this internet savvy era, people prefer to make most of their important purchasing decisions online. Around 81% of potential customers carry out an online research before they actually decide to purchase something. Even though an item is sold in a store, customers tend to do a thorough research online to decide the worth of contemplated product. If you do not have a business website yet, you are limiting the horizon of your business and restricting its growth at the same time. Start with a small business website and reach out to the major portion of potential buyers today!
  2. A customer asks where to find you on the web: at this digital age, people expect that the company they are involved with must have a web presence. A website helps your potential associates and customers to look up your company address, its location and active hours to find out a more suitable time and way to reach out to you in person. A company that has its own verified websites tends to garner more confidence of the customers. Have your customers asked you, your company’s website address? Take a cue from it and start developing a website immediately!
  3. The current business marketing tactics are mostly web-oriented: the marketing world is buzzing with the merits of content marketing, social media marketing, and the SEOs. Although billboards and radio ads are also effective means of marketing but web marketing is gradually leaving them behind. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, utilize the power of web tactics to flourish your business, but first, start a small business website.
  4. The younger generation is oblivious to the existence of your business: the motto of this generation seems to be, “if it’s not online, it’s not real”. The young generation spends too much time on the internet and since to ‘see is to believe’ stands true for most of us, it’s time for you to cater to the younger lot by making them aware of the existence through a website. Having a business website will not only increase your market existence but will also help you attract a new and young set of customers.
  5. Everyone likes to invest in a legitimate venture: most people consider a company to be legitimate only if it has a verified business website. Potential investors and customers tend to look up a company’s website, to establish facts about its credibility. The fact that you don’t have a business website will raise questions about your venture’s legitimacy and credibility.
  6. The evil of oblivion: visibility is extremely important to survive the brunt of competition. The longer you sustain the more visible you shall be. Since most of your competitors are battling it out on the digital platform, their visibility is more than yours. To avoid becoming obsolete in the eye of your old and new customers, start with a small business website today! Appoint a professional to aid and advise you on your website and learn a few ABC of the online marketing, for a new dawn of your business venture.
  7. It is cost effective: most small scale businessmen dismiss the idea of starting a business website because they believe that starting a business website is going to burn a hole in their pocket. It is completely a wrong notion; you will be surprised to find out the minimum amount that you have to spend to start a small business website. In fact, if you have a tight budget situation, you can even start a website for free! So stop procrastinating and go and start your own business website today!

How to get investors and raise money?

9 Effective Tricks for Startups to Get the First Investor

Raising money for a new venture is not an easy task. You need a proper strategy, along with a clearly unique (or at least buzzing) business idea, to attract first investors.

There are numerous difficulties in Startup funding but you can deal with them if you know the right ways. Here are 9 Effective Tricks for Startups to Get the First Investors. Try to implement these tips and you will surely succeed in startup funding –

  1. Impress Investors so that they fix another Meeting

It will not happen at once. There will be multiple meetings, continuing for weeks, which will lead to secure an investment. So, try creating an amazing impression in the first meeting if you want your potential investors to ask you for one more meeting.

  1. Be precise. Explain with Data and Facts.

Analyze current market trends and customers’ interests. Prepare data-specific presentations to help the investors understand that why an idea can hit the market.

  1. Don’t Decorate your Words. Say it straight!

Jargons, adjectives, hypothetical talks and generalized talks may look good in front of naïves but it’s not something which you can convince your investors with. Saying “we are among top 5” when you don’t even exist is not a good idea, right?

So, talk about – how will your customer base grow, who will be your customers and other such meaningful things.

  1. What’s the benefit of investing in your Startup?

Your passions, goals, inspirations, and the idea itself – nothing will be able to grab your investor’s interest if there is nothing for them. Tell them how the success of your startup will help in fulfilling their financial objectives.

  1. Prioritize your investors’ questions: Be spontaneous and accurate

Get ready to elaborate your idea with the slides and presentations in order to clarify it to your to-be-investors. But never tell them to wait until the presentation is over (it’s such a bad idea that no entrepreneur will do it). Sidelining their questions may result in sidelining for your startup idea. So, always respond with the best possible answer to their questions – spontaneously.

  1. Expect for toughest questions to arrive and prepare well for the situation

It’s tough to win the confidence of big investors – mark this fact.

So, prepare yourself for every type of questions to arrive and answer every of those questions with clarity, confidence and right data, just as they expect.

  1. Why should they trust you? How passionate are you? Efforts?

What’s your background? Are you still doing a job or quit it to follow your passion? How serious are you, towards the idea currently being discussed? How much time and resources are you going to put at work for your idea’s success?

All these questions matter for your investors. Let them know why they should invest in your idea, instead of buying a new luxurious mansion.

  1. Clarify how much Investment you are seeking for.

Negotiation and letting the other party put their expected financial figures may be a good idea for business but not when you are expecting the first investor to fund your start up. So, tell them about your expected figures if you want to make an impact. Also, it will let then think if they can do it or not.

  1. Why this idea and nothing else? Why is it the right time to deploy it in the market?

Learn about the scope of your own idea in the current market. Present facts and figures to tell the angel investors, interested in startup funding for you, that why you are sticking with this idea only, and nothing else.

Use the above ideas to make an impact on the investors and you’ll definitely in Startup funding. Have more ideas? Let me and our readers know too. Drop them in the comment box to help everyone out there.

5 Essential-cum-Amazing Tools for Entrepreneurs

5 Essential-cum-Amazing Tools for Entrepreneurs

In this age of Digital Entrepreneurship, young entrepreneurs juggle between, work, life and loads of responsibilities. With ease of internet usage, resources are becoming handy and easily available for newbies. There are so many great tools available in the market to help startups or small enterprises with their responsibilities and work and for a minimal cost in order to increase their business.

There are enormous challenges an entrepreneur faces from the day one of their work. Starting a new business can be tough as it involves management of many different tasks, fundraising and maintenance, managing employees, teams and also, being efficient in everything.

Here are some tools out there which are essential and powerful that can help you meet your deadlines and manage things productively. Also, the cost involved in each of them is minimal.

  1. Trello:

Trello is an amazing project management tool that helps you organize your tasks, projects and makes collaboration easy.This tool helps you visualize every single thing in a project and lets you customize, create and organize things in a fun way.

Trello basically has a visual board with lists which are also called cards. These cards are individual components on the board that can be created, dragged and dropped onto each other or placed horizontally or can be reordered with each single list according to your need.  Individual cards can also contain images, checklists, dates, colored labels, document attachments and notes to make things even richer. These cards can even be created simply by using email.

In Trello, you can create different projects to manage everything from work projects, to plan your week, plan a marriage or vacation ahead, organize day to day tasks and almost everything that needs planning and management. Trello boards are wonders if you are using Kanban or Agile project management methodology. Using this super versatile project management tool, you can even share plans with team.

You can get a wholesome picture and time to time update on everything using Trello.

  1. Google Docs:

Google Docs is a tool or can say a service from Google which is very powerful and offers almost every necessary abilities that a new startup or small business can use and afford. The important and best thing about Google Docs is if you have created an account in ‘gmail.com’ you are automatically eligible to use google docs with a good amount of storage. If you want to raise the storage, Google has different packages for that which are really pocket friendly.

Google Docs offers cloud storage where you can keep your documents, presentations or spreadsheets safe. Along with storage it also offers collaboration of storage and stored components. You can share them with anyone you want with assurance of safety for other documents which you don’t want to share.

Services like Word processing, Spreadsheets and presentations that can be created, uploaded, downloaded and shared makes this tool such an amazing opportunity for online Entrepreneurs. It even provides collaboration other tools of google like email, calendar, hangout and many more that helps you manage, work, organize, plan or collaborate at the same time. Smartest thing is you can use it on gadgets like laptop, mobile, tablet anytime  from any location if you have internet connection to keep a bird’s eye on everything all the time.

  1. Asana:

Asana is a project management tool that makes the management, planning, execution and collaboration of projects more effectively. It is free to use and simple, to begin with. This tool works for every department of the organization and helps make an interconnection with everything.

In Asana, you can create projects, tasks, conversations and dashboards that enables teams to flow smoothly from project start to finish. You can visualize the project progress at a glance with visual graphs and pointers. Conversations between teams and team members can be turned into actionable tasks. You can get every notification right in your inbox as per your preference.

Asana offers project management features like Tasks, Projects, Sections and Columns, Project Templates, Subtasks, Due Dates and Times, Attachments, Hearts, Task Conversations, Project Conversations, Team Pages, Inbox, Search and much more. If you want to use more features you may use Asana premium which also will not create a hole in your pocket.

  1. Dropbox:

Dropbox is a storage service that enables space on the cloud to keep your business documents safe. It is like having a folder on all your devices from where you can update, add or remove anytime. It provides a power of using web client as well as the desktop client to install in any computer.

You can just drag and drop files to the dropbox folder. It is like accessing another simple folder on your hard drive. The only difference is as soon as you add, edit or remove anything within the folder it just syncs your action online. This means all the updates can be accessible from every device. Dropbox can also be shared with team members.

  1. Slack:

Slack is a wonderful chat application for all your teams within an organization. You can create channels for group discussions, for different teams or projects or smaller groups etc.

To begin with Slack, you have to sign up on Slack’s website and you’ll become a Super Administrator user who has access to everything. Slack offers different hierarchies to manage users and access restrictions. Settings like Messaging Restrictions, Channel and Private Group Management etc enable you to manage all teams, channels and users effectively.

Using Slack, collaboration becomes easier within organization and conversations are recorded as well as clear which is a most important thing in business. Also, you get to know what is going on within teams or projects, get notified and become inspired by your peers.

Manually managing things can be costly, tough and wastage of time and money. Using these tools you can be in-charge of everything in your business and at the same time, you can focus on other things better without wasting your time and energy.

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