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Best Dedicated Servers: France Servers

Offering a much higher degree of performance, control, and overall stability than a virtual server or shared hosting platform, a dedicated server is a gold standard in terms of optimum web hosting options. France-based dedicated servers provide users with a stunning degree of versatility, software options, bandwidth, RAM, and more. For those people who are planning to contract the services of a dedicated server platform in France, we have included some of the best options available in this famous European nation.

Dedicated France Servers From ServerBundle

ServerBundle.com is a highly reputable dedicated server provider for the country of France, and they have experience operating in other countries as well. From the USA to Italy, Japan, Korea, Canada, Russia, and the Netherlands, ServerBundle is one of the truly elite service providers for dedicated servers around the world.ServerBundle has nine different pricing and server strength options, meaning that no matter the scale of your operations in France, they can help connect you with the dedicated server access plan that will be perfect for your own requirements.

ServerBundle’s most expensive, premier dedicated server option for France costs $325 per month, with a setup fee of $70. This most expensive dedicated server option from ServerBundle is known as the 1X AMD Opteron 4386 8MB L3 Cache. This is a great option for high-intensity server users, although they also offer an entry level option and several other in between.ServerBundle’s entry level dedicated server option uses the Intel C2750 (AVOTON), and only costs $50 to setup and $50 per month. This represents a much more affordable dedicated server option in France and illustrates that they has options to fit any budget requirements.

Dedicated France Servers From DediMonster

Although DediMonster does not have quite as many different pricing options and dedicated server choices as ServerBundle, DediMonster is still capable of providing high quality dedicated servers for customers in France. DediMonster offers a total of six different dedicated server plans for customers, each offering a different price range and server strength. Their premier, most powerful dedicated server solution runs on an Intel Xeon E3 1230 v2 and costs $240 per month as a customer in France. They also offer a much more affordable dedicated server option on the other end of their pricing spectrum, with their entry level option running on a 1X Via NANO U2250 and charging $30 per month.

Clearly, DediMonster is another great provider of dedicated server options in France, and you will probably be quite satisfied if you choose to do business with them. Additionally, DediMonster is a company that seems to care a lot about their customers, and right now they are offering some major discounts on their professional quality dedicated server options. If you choose to work with DediMonster for your dedicated server needs, you can save up to 10% per month if you sign up now while their current promotion is still ongoing.

Dedicated France Servers From RapidSeedbox

While RapidSeedbox might not have as many server options as ServerBundle or DediMonster, their dedicated server options provide exceptional bandwidth, security, and affordability. Dedicated server options from RapidSeedbox might not be as numerous as other competitive companies, but they make up for it with high quality and more choices. One great example of how RapidSeedbox gives customers in France more options than the average provider, consider that they offer dedicated server plans in both Euros and Dollars and on a monthly or yearly basis. This helps to give their clients more flexibility than they would have working with another service provider and makes for a major strength of the RapidSeedbox service options.

The most powerful dedicated server option coming from RapidSeedbox right now costs $185 per month and runs on a Xeon D-1520 with 2.6 GHz. With unlimited traffic and a total of 500Mbps bandwidth guaranteed at all times, this option from RapidSeedbox is both secure and extremely powerful. Their most inexpensive option is actually still fairly expensive at $133 per month, so this is probably the only real weakness of the RapidSeedbox model in the sense that they don’t really offer a cheap, entry level option. Their cheapest option runs on an Intel i7-6700K and also provides Anti-DDoS security and unlimited traffic too. RapidSeedbox is also offering a significant discount promotion right now, with an amazing 25% off as long as you share all your contact info and email with their website.

Dedicated France Servers From UniHost

If you are looking for a dedicated server in France, UniHost is another great provider with a solid reputation. UniHost has some of the planet’s most famous data centers, and they offer elite Anti-DDoS protections as well as unlimited traffic. UniHost also has an unprecedented range of dedicated server options that truly dwarfs the selection of any other dedicated server provider in France! With over thirty different options for dedicated server plans by UniHost, it is almost impossible that someone would not be able to find a good server match for their purposes when shopping with UniHost. Rapid activation is another strong point of the UniHost model, and they claim that when you contract UniHost France dedicated server access you can have your access activated in less than half a day!

Unlimited bandwidth up to 3Gbps and up to 256 IP for every individual server user makes the UniHost services very attractive for many people. They are also offering some nominal discounts for long terms users of the UniHost dedicated server options, with 2.5% off going to people who order a server from UniHost for 6 months, and 5% off for those who order a server for at least 12 months. The most affordable dedicated server option offered by UniHost is only $89 per month and runs on Xeon D-1520 hardware. On the other side of the pricing spectrum on dedicated servers from UniHost, they have an extremely powerful server option for which they charge a grand total of $899 per month. This package from UniHost uses a 2X Xeon E5-2687Wv4, and offers customers exceptional speed and security.


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